Logicon Caries Detector

Serving your community in Brooklyn, NY

At the office of Moshe Ziegler, DDS, we use the latest software improvements in dentistry to help ensure we provide the highest level of dental care possible. We use the Logicon Caries Detector to identify more caries, also known as tooth decay, more effectively. The Logicon detector has been proven to find up to 20% more caries on permanent teeth than more traditional methods find. It also enables us to better see the full extent and depth of the caries and how it could change over time. We can also determine how the density of the affected teeth may change and how the decay may start to affect the surrounding teeth over time.

Having this information makes it easier for our dentists to create an individualized, highly accurate treatment plan that will work best for your smile and best meet your needs. This software allows us to analyze digital images of your teeth more closely so we can better understand the overall state of your oral health.

We are committed to helping you maintain the health of your smile for a lifetime. Please call our office today at 718-871-9745 to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Moshe Ziegler and Dr. Ayala Lieberman, and learn more about the Logicon Caries Detector in Brooklyn, New York.